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The Viseo-Fusion Initiative

Viseo-Fusion aims to establish a multi-stream geospatial data platform that supports decision making in two key application areas: Land Border Surveillance and Sensitive Marine Area.

A single online data platform will enable Earth Observation imagery, in-situ datasets including mobile spatial encoded multimedia to be discovered, integrated, fused, analysed and visualised in order to provide the end user with actionable information in either review or near real-time mode. Generic functions will include the ability to monitor, map, detect, track, identify, classify, measure & report various objects and events. This geospatial intelligence can be disseminated to relevant parties in a timely fashion or stored and used as inputs to models for more advanced analysis.

The consortium consists of three hitech SMEs, AnsuR (NO; consortium leader), iGeoTec (IE), and rasdaman GmbH (DE), plus DMAT Consulting (AT) as subcontractor.

Project Brief
Title: Viseo-Fusion
Run time: 09/2012 - 03/2014
Budget: 250,000 EUR
Funded by: ESA
Project ID: 4000106651